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vToday, the sun is

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Zaloen: 24.7.2018
Pspvky: 52

PspvekZaslal: 23.04.2019 02:45    Pedmt: vToday, the sun is Citovat

Today, the sun is shining and the spring is full. In my memory, there is such a good weather in the Lantern Festival, which is rare. Ye Hansheng invited Yuan Kefang Yan Ying Xia Hanqiao and me to visit the teacher Yu Yang Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online, who we most respected during the middle school. We talked and laughed along the way, and the happy mood rippled in the bright sunshine. Walking into the campus of Huake University, the spacious and sacred is also the most desirable university in our student days. The teacher lives in the Yuyuan Community of Huake University. When the teacher learned that Yan Ying was Yuan Kefang��s lover, the scene of hugging and laughing was really better than her loved ones. The teacher greeted us to sit down, and it was tea and a variety of snack fruits. It was obvious that the teacher was too happy to be overwhelmed. The teacher took out her beloved photo album and looked at Yan Ying. Each photo was like a few treasures. We are familiar with it. She introduced it in detail and simply took it. The teacher is already a rare year Marlboro Red Shorts Carton, but her expression still retains the passion and enthusiasm of teaching and educating people. The teacher's most proud student is Ye Hansheng, He and Xia Hanqiao also visited the teacher last year, the teacher carefully looked at the article written by Ye Hansheng in the mobile phone, there are music, photos and gorgeous chapters, the teacher is full of praise, she Seeing that kind of happiness, Ye Hansheng smiled and explained carefully Cartons Of Newport 100S, and it was a beautiful painting of teachers and students looking forward to the year, so that we are envious and more moved. The teacher knows that Yuan Kefang and me and Ye Hansheng are better Cheap Cigarettes Newports, saying that we haven��t remembered our appearance very well. She is our Chinese teacher forty years ago. But the name is also known, and it��s best to say that Yuan Kefang��s eloquence, memory Super strong. On this day, Yuan Kefang did not disappoint the teacher. Recalling the past, talking about the past and the present, the appropriate gag, should be regarded as a famous teacher. The teacher wanted to read the article about her written by me Cheap Carton. She said that she took the reading glasses and read the article seriously. After reading it, she asked if there was any, and she read five articles in succession. Four of them were after I read the teacher's poems. The teacher watched and wrote the poems and the background feelings and words. The teacher is very proud, obviously the teacher appreciates her own poetry. I also praised the language of praise, saying that her poetry was not written so well, that I was so deep in excavation, praised my writing is good, I feel a little surprised. The teacher repeatedly thanked Xia Hanqiao, who found the teacher through the Public Security Bureau before he continued this beautiful teacher-student relationship. In particular, when we went to the Yangtze River during our student days, we dive on the top of the ferry. The teacher saw the story of criticism and criticism. The teacher laughed and said that he couldn��t remember Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping... The teacher repeatedly told us to write an article. On the Lantern Festival, our essays gathered in the afternoon in the teacher's spacious and bright living room, talking and laughing, eating and drinking. I talked about the current situation of some classmates and teachers, and there are many anecdotes about the past. When it comes to the teacher's glory, the teacher is a little excited and the tears are more proud. In particular, when we talked about our graduates Wholesale Usa Cigarettes, the teachers are full of praise and appreciation. Everyone has said a lot of students' career achievements, and even the classmates who are in charge of the governor. The teacher is very grateful to nod. She said that this is the honor of all the teachers and students in 36. Listening to the teacher's kind words, watching her gradually vicissitudes of life, I remembered a few words praising the teacher's lyrics: "That classroom, the hope of flying, the collection is always you." "The podium, lifted by others, Dedicated is myself."... A happy day Cheap Carton Of Newport 100S, teachers and students are very happy. We are worried that the teacher is tired and willing to leave. The teacher cannot say that no one is allowed to leave. He also said that Moutai was specially prepared for us, and that a son-in-law of the Lantern Festival had made a delicious and delicious hometown dish. I saw the lion head steamed squid chicken soup stewed fish noodles Ningbo dumplings and other table full of dishes, smelling the fragrant wine in the cup, listening to the teacher and amiable food, we also forgot to be polite, appetite is wide, enjoy it . After the break, the teachers took a group photo with us, and they insisted on sending us to the intersection until they got on the bus. We are as reluctant as the teacher, waving goodbye with tears. In the car, I am still relishing the taste of the "Huanggang Lion Head", the pork and the mushroom seaweed. It is very unique. I still feel that the fragrance is still there when I return home, and I also remember the profound friendship of Yu Yang.
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Zaloen: 13.4.2019
Pspvky: 67396

PspvekZaslal: 05.10.2019 08:40    Pedmt: Citovat

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