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Welcome to the village that is not fa

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Autor Zprva

Zaloen: 24.7.2018
Pspvky: 25

PspvekZaslal: 24.10.2018 08:42    Pedmt: Welcome to the village that is not fa Citovat

Welcome to the village that is not fat. For your safety and not to violate the regulations of the village, please observe the following rules." We just stepped into the village and the sound came from the radio. Then see a sign:e (years) 10203040eight (kg) 30405060ple in the village (including outsiders) must not weigh more than 60kg. the conditions are harsh, how have you been in these days?" "No way to squat, take photos." I (do not like to eat) and Hao Hao (the favorite is to eat) while walking. We came to our rooms with the tour group, halo! Everything in the room is eaten. There is a sign next to the food that says "Don't Money" Marlboro Red 100S. I finally understand that the village that is not fat is to test your patience and see if you can stand this full house. The temptation of the sub-food, Hao Hao saw this situation, and "the animal is big hair" (pig sex), and rushed over, picked up the chicken leg, the wing bite, and eat it while not listening clearly. And said: "The things in this... are better than us, eat a hundred times." "You, everything says delicious, there is something you don't eat." I looked at him strangely. Just kidding. "That is, as long as I can eat, I eat it all!" He patted his chest and said confidently. "Don't you see the sign at the door?" For your safety and not violating the village regulations Carton Of Cigarettes, please follow the rules below. 'You don't have to come for a few days, it's like a pig, so it violates the village regulations. "Well, what can I do, throw me out?" "It's hard to pt a good night yesterday Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, and my spirit was much better. Today, as the tour group first went to ��not fat village��, I was familiar with the terrain. "Tianna, the people in this village, regardless of their size, are all skinny, so terrible." Hao Hao said to me in amazement. "Of course, this is called 'not fat' village, they will not be fat!" I said. According to the introduction of the tour guide, we know that the people who are not in the ��fat�� village have accepted the ��not fat�� education of parents and teachers since childhood, so they gradually get used to the fat. After a few days of observation with Hao Hao, I feel that the people in the village of "not fat" are really strange.past few days, we have eaten and eaten (not tempted by food) in the village of ��not fat�� Carton Of Newports. The strange thing is that the children in this "not fat" village eat more fat than ours, and more food than us Cigarettes Online, which makes me and Hao Hao incredible and puzzling.ervation object 2: people who exerciserange phenomenon: no exerciseecause of the fear of being fat, Hao Hao and I went to the gym in the village of ��not fat�� every morning for free time. The time was over 1 hour. What puzzles us is that the gym doesn't have a "not fat" village (the "not fat" village only has this gym, because no one came after the opening, it is closing down.)ervation object three: white collarnge phenomenon: lazy that day, we came to the largest company in the village of ��not fat��. There are 8888 employees in the company. Their director is a young man. He is idle, there is nothing to do, sitting there all day, drinking tea and eating. I can look at his thin body that can't be thin. I really doubt whether this "not fat" village is "haunted". Why can't everyone here get fat?
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Zaloen: 13.4.2019
Pspvky: 30199

PspvekZaslal: 15.04.2019 01:56    Pedmt: Citovat

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Zaloen: 13.4.2019
Pspvky: 30199

PspvekZaslal: 28.05.2019 16:46    Pedmt: Citovat

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