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s not the other place

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Založen: 24.7.2018
Příspěvky: 42

PříspěvekZaslal: 30.08.2019 03:31    Předmět: s not the other place Citovat

s not the other place, here is Tibet. If we are so wary of coming to Tibet, who can we trust?" Abu said a little excited, then he did not return to the front. go. Xiao Shami bowed his thanks in the back. When he followed up, Abu felt very fulfilled. He believed in Tibet and believed in his dream. He felt that it should be a white and beautiful woman Cigarettes Online. The people here have not yet It is polluted by the world and has a simple red color, just like the little master in front of you. When I thought of Xiaoya, he discovered that he had walked into the cave for ten minutes Cheap Cigarettes. Except for the gray streetlights on the top of the head, there was no other light. "Stop and put the backpack down." Abu heard a non-standard Mandarin in the back. The sound, a little hoarse, he also felt, a cold knife, placed on the neck. He didn't dare to look back, he didn't want to look back, but when the red robes appeared in his field of vision, he still had to believe - he was robbed. There were a few big men in front, and they all looked like ordinary herdsmen in Tibetan areas. They were honest and honest. But they clearly said that they put a tear in the bag and shed it from Abu��s eyes. It turned out that there was really nothing clean. He was very submissive to put the bag down, which contained his life. "Because of this money, poor ghosts, I have gone so far with you." The monk swears, in fact, he is not a curse. Abu looked up and held back his tears and asked, "Why do you lie to me?" Those people listened, and laughed. "A fool, look at you and lie!" Xiao Shami said that the wind was light, but one word at a time, It seems to be a knife, and it has entered the heart of Abu. "Why are you robbing, don't you believe in the gods?" Abu looked red and he remembered the uncle. "What gods, that are all swearing, how tired the cattle are, here, just standing and earning more than the cows." Another man replied. "Tell him so much, just so much money, beat him first!" Xiao Shami proposed. When Abu came out, he had already had a swollen face. He didn't cry. He stopped. Look at the sky, the black of chaos, it turns out that here is not only the closest to the sun, but also the closest to the darkness. Perhaps, now Tibet is the real Tibet. So, what am I going to in Lhasa? Abu asked himself, there is no answer, he hesitated, he wants to go back. After a few steps, Abu felt a little faint, and in order to hurry, he had not eaten for a day. With a bang, he fell to the ground and fell to the side where he could not see the side. When Abu woke up, he couldn��t open his eyes, and the outside was bright, and the sunshine on the plateau was exceptionally dazzling. He heard someone shouting at him, he couldn��t hear clearly, and he shouted. The screaming tinnitus was filled with the brain, and Abu was a little uncomfortable. Wow, he spit it out. He was awake. He was lying in the arms of a person. Look closely, it was the uncle who yesterday, yesterday. The fierce god is evil, but today, Abu feels extraordinarily friendly, the sky is blue, blue seems to see through the hearts of all things, Abu feels very safe, and Tibet in the dream is also like this. At this time, he discovered that he had stained his uncle's clothes. He quickly apologized. The uncle just smiled and said nothing. Looking at Abu's injured face, he understood it all, but he didn't want this guy to think of these unhappy things. After taking an hour off and eating something, Abu almost recovered. Uncle wants Abu to go with them, but Abu still declined. He stubbornly felt that this road must be completed by himself. Uncle gave him a little money, and there is another sentence. After listening to Abu Marlboro Red, if he was thoughtful, he nodded and took a bicycle and marched toward the dream of Potala. The golden turn barrel, the white Potala, the old grandmother wearing a colorful Tibetan dress. Abu saw it, very familiar, and strange.t doesn't mean snow, it doesn't mean red or blue. Tibet is actually the thin and transparent air around us. Its color is determined by you. Abu's mouth is slightly raised, and his heart is transparent.
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