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ent struggles an

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Založen: 24.7.2018
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PříspěvekZaslal: 17.10.2019 09:37    Předmět: ent struggles an Citovat

The moon is full, it is beautiful, the flowers bloom, it is also beautiful; the moon is half-deficient, it is beautiful Carton Of Cigarettes, but it is a little sentimental, the flowers are dying, it is beautiful, just a little bit bleak. What are we complaining about the incompleteness of life? Each is an apple that has been bitten by God. Perfection and gaps coexist. This is the rule set by God, no one can correct it. Only if you are faced with a heart, perfect life is too smooth, there will be no blood and passion to fight against life and destiny Newport Cigarettes. Don't blame the unfair fate, there is no twist in the perfect life, and the flawed life twists and turns, so that you have the bloody journey, the rich and full experience, the passionate life, is undoubtedly wonderful. There are always thousands of reasons for God to make you regret, and your mentality determines how you respond. Positive: You can make your beauty change into a full-blown attitude; negative: you will not move forward, so that you will be inferior. In each heart, there will always be some pain and disability. They are like those vines that are parasitic in our hearts. We don't want to touch them, because with a touch, it will be a pain. Finally, we all choose Avoided, dodge. Cursing in the world of only oneself, healing, slowly losing the sun, self-confidence, and the ability to open up the world. In the long run, scars and scarcity will gradually refrigerate our emotions and make us feel at a loss. Therefore, to uncover those embarrassment, face them correctly, long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. The courage to regain independence is more important than anything else. Of course, born in a much-loved environment, presented in front of yourself is a carefree reality, a brilliant prospect, a chance to make a difference, a smooth and smooth road... This is what everyone hopes. However, reality is not the case. You can't control your life. The zero flower is not perfect, but it can be "turned into a spring mud to protect the flower". The bird with broken wings is not perfect, but it can sing a beautiful song. The blind Beethoven is not perfect. The Seventh Symphony is shocking. In the face of even a life that is not perfect, we can still be full of conviction, face up to the rough, surpass ourselves, be the master of our own destiny, still be able to cultivate our own intelligent mind, benevolent chest, brave character, still can achieve a perfect and persistent Brilliant life. Life is a process. The meaning of life lies in creating the beauty and excitement of this process. It is the courage to face up and uncover the scars, calmly and optimistically treat the disability, and then calmly and excitedly appreciate the beauty and tragicness of this process. Be aware that when you start to believe in yourself Cheap Cigarettes, it is the time when the world begins to believe in you! Through persistent struggles and hard work, the fate of the incompleteness can also bloom brilliant and beautiful flowers.
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