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I grew up and

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Založen: 24.7.2018
Příspěvky: 42

PříspěvekZaslal: 16.08.2019 08:03    Předmět: I grew up and Citovat

I grew up and my father is getting old. My child has grown up and I am getting older. The world repeats this, and I don��t know when it is a complete circle. In my childhood, my father was a very great noun. No difficulty, no fear, no sorrow, no aging. He is all my sky, I am carrying the backbone of my progress. When I was young, my grandfather was deliberately degraded as a "flying soldier", often being ransacked, and sometimes even tied up in the middle of the night. Whenever this time, our children are scared to cry, and my father is always standing silently beside us, silently guarding us. Grandma cried and put me on my father's back and said, "Child, escape, so I followed my father and mother to my home. In that year, because of Grandpa's sake, my father did not pass the military trial. After catching more than 70 miles of mountain roads to the county town overnight, when he arrived, the military vehicle had already left. In that year, Dad did not know where to get a poplar tree. He specially let me join him. I planted the tree. But it was very strange. Although I didn��t take care of it, it actually survived. In the days that followed, whether it was a storm or a hot summer, some small trees were folded, and some small trees withered, only this The little white poplar is tenaciously alive. Dad said: "This is the poplar, a magical tree with a strong vitality. I hope that my child can learn from the wind that the wind does not bend down, and the snow does not bow down. "I remember the words of my father Cigarettes Online. Since then, the poplars in my heart have begun to take root Cheap Cigarettes. So soon I went to junior high school. I have a big meal at the age of thirteen or four, and I often have enough to eat, but I would rather be hungry." I will not accept the charity of others. I also wore patched trousers on the second day, others taunted me, I will laugh at it. Because I am a poor child, I have already planted a poplar with a strong vitality. Later, I went to the high school in the town, and I was away from my home for more than 40 miles. I had to walk to school on sunny days and rainy days. Sometimes I had nearly ten o'clock after my self-study. I had to go home and take the rice back to the school cafeteria. I changed the meal ticket. I turned over several hills on the way, and there was a large pine forest. I heard the old people said that there were occasional wolves. But I was never afraid of being young. Because I am a poor child, I have a stubborn heart. The poplar tree of vitality Later, I joined the army and participated in the work. But no matter where I go, I will work hard and behave positively. In the army and in the place, I am recognized almost every year. For a variety of reasons, I have never been able to go back to my hometown, but poplars always come to life as they wish, and every time when my father or mother comes to see me Marlboro Gold, I will ask the poplar tree carefully. I believe that poplars will not die. I was laid off in 2004. In the year of my life, I ushered in another trough in my life. I started to pursue my own career. I have worked as a property manager, security guard, in the migrant workers primary school. I have taught books, opened a shoe store, opened a rental, and the difficulties and frustrations in it were difficult to understand. But in the face of artificial and non-human difficulties and frustrations, I never admit defeat. Because in my heart There was an evergreen poplar in the blink of an eye. I was almost indifferent. Suddenly I was very old. So I went back to my hometown and went to see the poplars behind the old house and the old house. It was a spring morning. The sunshine of the hustle and bustle is full of the dilapidated old house. Only the old poplar behind the house is still full of vitality. I am grateful to it, it is this poplar that is implanted in my heart, giving me unyielding again and again. Courage, guarding my fluttering soul, I have such a letter Feet continued forward, his hands clasped tomorrow.
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