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Zaloen: 13.8.2018
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Except for maybe wine at an Italian restaurant, as Billy Joel once famously reminded us, nothing is as much a matter of personal taste in sports games as the narrative-based career mode. Some gamers love them, others cant be bothered, but theres clearly an audience for them as devs keep putting time into making them more elaborate. Its with that in mind that its possible to say that the MyCareer mode in NBA 2K19 is the best of its type ever to be seen in any sports game, right up until the moment that it stops being that good.

The Takeover system is a brand new feature aimed at giving the outstanding performers dominance after a successful run of good plays. If one of your players is on a scoring streak, making assists and getting rebounds, theyll enter a hes on fire type scenario akin to NBA Jam, where for a limited time their stats are increased and performance is enhanced. This allows the LeBron James scenarios of the 2017-18 season to come to fruition in NBA 2K19, making the momentum in games shift and bless you with an advantage. Shooting feels more responsive this year, and with the shot meter now appearing when making layups, youll find that missing the easy shots is a thing of the past.

MyCareer, one of the crown jewels in NBA 2K19s impressive selection of modes, returns once more and boasts one of the best storylines in recent years. As we mentioned earlier, The Way Back follows a young player who fails to make the cut in the NBA Draft and finds himself playing far from home in Shanghai. Taking your custom player from a Chinese league to the G League (the NBAs developmental division) all the way to a shot in the NBA itself is paced just right, and offers a significant step up from the rushed effort featured in last years instalment. Best and Cheapest NBA 2K19 MT Coins For Sale -

The Neighborhood was first introduced last year and is basically a small open-world area where you can roam around with other players within the game. It has been refined in NBA 2K19 by being less maze-like in its design and easier to get from one place to another. From here youll be able to go to your team practice facility, compete against other players in pickup basketball, customise your look by visiting various shops, play a variety of mini games that are scheduled throughout the week and participate in number of different activities setup around the Neighborhood.

This is largely down to a handful of changes on the offensive end. For the most park, 2K19 rewards greater care and attention when in possession, encouraging players to turn themselves into mini floor generals. Tighter defences mean points are harder to come by, and it pays to take your time on offence, run plays, and learn what works, rather than exploiting the same handful of moves. On top of this, the retooled shot meter allows great precision and accuracy all-round, though timing shots on simple lay-ups takes some getting used to.

The game also has a more informal Blacktop mode, allowing you to take to the pitch with pretty much whichever players you like, which is sure to lead to some arguments among enthusiasts and interesting team combinations. You can also play online with other humans, in case you were looking for something beyond the NBA roster to test your mettle against. As a serious basketball simulator, I thought the game was excellent, and the only major criticisms I have for NBA 2K19 are its learning curve and complexity for newcomers, lack of voice acting for the MyGM mode, and the lack of a casual fun mode with a larger-than-life vibe to it.
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