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Clothing for men - How do I dress?

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Zaloen: 8.5.2018
Pspvky: 18

PspvekZaslal: 09.05.2018 09:24    Pedmt: Clothing for men - How do I dress? Citovat


I just had my emergency surgery just over a month ago, and came off the wound vac less than a week ago. The incision is still closing and the scar forming. I now have a colostomy that may be able to be reversed in a few months. I was also laid off my job becaus of the legnth of stay in the hospital. The doctors and nurses really did not pepare me for life with an ostomy. I basically learned how to change the appliance (seems from reading here that is the correct term). I have kind of had to learn to empty it and keep it clean on my own. I am not sure about taking a shower or what to eat or what activities I can no longer participate in. The point of my posting is this: I work in professional environments where, at a minimum, dress slacks; buttoned up, collared, tucked-in shirts are expected and sometimes ties and coats are required. My pants and belt fit just under the wafer(?? the circle that attaches to my stomach) and the bag hangs much lower. I presume that I should not put the belt over the bag nor tuck it into my pants with my tucked-in shirt. Can anyone give me tips on how to dress with an ostomy? are there special clothes I can find? I have looked and can only find undergarments and they just don't seem to take care of what I am looking for. I am hopefully going to find some employer to at least interview, if not hire me, and I need to look the part. Also, for now, I have been wearing t-shirts & untucked shirts. They sometimes flip up and expose the bag and that is very embarrasing and, frankly, gross. Any suggestions on how to keep the stuff covered would be appreciated.

Please help.

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