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Zaloen: 24.7.2018
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In addition to the fifth round, "Dream of Red Mansions" has mentioned "three springs" many times. The most memorable Qin Keqing��s death dreamed for Wang Xifeng��s dream. She said: ��After the Spring Festival, all of them have to find their own Xiaohong. Although they did not say ��Three Springs��, they said that they are very similar to Qin Keqing��s words: They, as the saying goes, set up a long shed in a thousand miles - no one is not a banquet, who is mixing for a lifetime? However, after three or five years, everyone went to work. Who knows who? "Yu Yanzhai commented: "It is tearful to write these languages ??at this time. It can be seen that Zhiyanzhai is likely to have heard this sentence now. The dispute over what is "Sanchun" is relatively big. One said that "three springs" refers to the early years of Qianlong, and in those few years, Cao��s family just happened to be good. In the Qing Dynasty, some people said this, but there is no evidence, it is easy to be refuted. Another said that "three springs" is "Sanchun career", which means that the son of the abolition of Prince Edward, Hong Kong, thinks that he is more "positive". In Changping, Beijing, the "Second Government" was established. Later, he was wiped out by Qianlong. Hongsheng was self-evident for a month. They just happened to be in trouble for three years. I think that "Sanchun" does not mean "Sanchun career" but refers to Qianlong. Cao��s good days in the first year of the year. Because Hongsheng can��t ��self-study by the moon��, this is the opinion of future generations. Hongxi definitely believes that he is ��day��, and Qianlong is the ��monthly ��Dream of Red Mansions��. It is a novel, but it has a certain historicity. "If you are happy, happy, and happy, you will follow the record, and you will not be able to wear it. You will lose your true biography for the sake of people." Through this historical novel, we can find out what is " Sanchun's "Dream of Red Mansions" is very time-sensitive and flowers are blooming. It is very clear. Lin Daiyu said that the construction of the Grand View Garden took about one year, and the Grand View Garden went to the Yuanchun Province to repair it. That is to say, Yuanchun Province is a year ago. From Yuanchun The provincial pro-calculation began, and on August 15th, "the sorrow of the singer" and "the scent of the flute" Marlboro Red, the total is more than 8 months in a year Wholesale Cigarettes. There are 2 years and more than 8 months before and after, from "only choose Fengzao Palace" In the end, it is just a matter of three springs. It can be seen from Yuanchun Province. Yuanchun Province is the first priority of Ningrong and Erfu. Ningrong Second House has specially built the Grand View Garden for Yuanchun Province, and Jiamu also has ��big makeup��. In advance for several hours in advance, Yuanchun, "Dream of Red Mansions" will certainly record the pro-Yuanchun pro. However, in "Dream of Red Mansions", there are only two records of the pro-Yuanchun pro, only once known as "Yuanchun Province pro", once the old lady is sick. Later, he died, and the emperor refused to let the provincial relatives. In addition, there is no record of the provincial relatives. The provincial relatives should be once a year, plus the first year of the grand view garden, it should also be "Sanchun Lin Daiyu first entered the Rongguofu is the "winter" Rong Guofu experienced major events such as ��Deadly Sealed Dragons��, ��The Naughty Children��s School��, and ��Zheng Zhao Feng Yue Jian�� Newport Cigarettes, but only experienced a winter. When Qin Hongyu entered the palace for nearly a year, he "only chose the Fengzao Palace." She spent about 4 years in the palace, and her nephew was 3 years. In the first year, Qin Hongyu did not become a scorpion, and may not have brought any real benefits to Cao. Cao Xueqin wrote less, but he wrote more after "Selecting Fengzao Palace". From "Selecting Fengzao Palace" to "Lovely Returning to Water Moon" is just "Sanchun". Cao Xueqin has written more carefully. Many people don't know what is "Sanchun", a thick "Dream of Red Mansions", Jia Yuanchun After the selection of Fengzao Palace, Cao Xueqin mainly did not write "three springs
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