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This years deep class of quarterbacks features as many as a half-dozen first-round NFL prospects full of hope Trysten Hill Jersey , hype and hazard.

and questions about the Heisman winners size and stature. A lot of teams would love UCLAs Josh Rosen for his skills and strength, but wonder if hes a good fit in the locker room and with their organization.

Wyomings Josh Allen has enviable size, but faces questions about his regression last season. USCs Sam Darnold has to answer queries about his ball security and why hes not throwing at the NFL combine this weekend like the other prospects.

Louisvilles Lamar Jackson , the 2016 Heisman winner, needs to prove hes a better pro prospect throwing the ball than catching it. And teams wonder if Oklahoma States Mason Rudolph can transition to the pro offense after operating exclusively out of the shotgun.

No inquiry is out of bounds.

Absolutely. Theyre investing a lot of money in these guys theyre drafting, so they can ask any question, Mayfield said. This whole process is about finding out whats wrong with you. Its pointing out flaws, seeing if they can look past them, seeing if they can work with it. So, anything they ask is fair game.

Teams are asking themselves whether these guys can be the next Carson Wentz, who ignited the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl run in just his second season before getting hurt and rooting on Nick Foles from the sideline.

Or whether theyre the next Paxton Lynch, the 2016 first-round flop whose inability to grasp the complexities of the pro game has Broncos GM John Elway once again among those searching for answers at the position.

Elway has found it difficult to land a franchise quarterback from the college ranks like he did in free agency with Peyton Manning six years ago. Elway could go after a veteran again in free agency such as Kirk Cousins. But the Broncos own the fifth pick in the draft and this group of quarterbacks is unusually deep and top-heavy.

There is a possibility of some really good quarterbacks coming out of this draft, Elway said.

Maybe not like his own class in 1983, which produced three Hall of Famers in himself, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly Connor McGovern Jersey , but this years crop of quarterbacks is filled with intrigue and promise.

And plenty of questions.

Among them:


Is Mayfield too short? He measured in just over 6 feet tall with a hand size of 9\ inches.

Height doesnt matter, Mayfield insisted. You see guys like Tyrod Taylor, (Drew) Brees, Russell Wilson. Theyve proven that it doesnt matter. If you want to say anything else, Ive got three years of tape you can watch. I think I have fewer batted balls than all the other guys here, and Im pretty sure Im shorter than them, too.

Elway, for one, isnt concerned, about Mayfields measurements, saying, I think that (stigma) has been broken.

Nor is Elway turned off by Mayfields crossing the line at times, such as when he grabbed his crotch and swore at the Kansas sideline after the Jayhawks wouldnt shake his hand last fall.

A lot of times you get tied up in the emotions of the situation and where he is. I like to see a guy with that kind of passion, Elway said.


Rosens time in Westwood was defined as much by his proclivity for creating headlines away from the field.

A viral photo showed a hot tub he brought into his dorm room. Another photo showed Rosen playing golf and wearing a headband that disparaged then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Questions have arisen about how well Rosen will get along with his new teammates in the NFL, but two Bruins here at the combine vouched for their QB.

I dont really have anything negative to say about him, said tackle Kolton Miller.

Neither does center Scott Quessenberry Foster Moreau Jersey , who labeled as unfair the negative rap of Rosen because of the type of guy that he is and the type of stand-up human being that he is, and the type of pro that hes going to be.

Hes a great dude, I love hanging around him and being with him, and whoever gets him is extremely lucky, Quessenberry said. Theyre getting a once-in-a-millennium talent.


Some teams envision the dual-threat Jackson as a wide receiver even though he never caught a single pass at Louisville, where he threw for 9,043 yards and 69 touchdowns, ran for 4,132 yards and 50 TDs in 38 games.

I thought I did a good job at quarterback, I thought I did, Jackson said with a chuckle Friday while dismissing the notion hell run routes with receivers Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium or even operate the wildcat as a pro.

No sir. Im a quarterback, he said.

While Darnold has chosen not to throw at the combine because hed rather show off his arm with his own receivers at USCs upcoming pro day, Jackson said hell be slinging it around Saturday but wont run the 40-yard dash or the other drills designed to measure quickness.

Film speaks for itself as far as showing off my speed and showing I can make people miss, Jackson said. Ive just got to show off my arm because thats where theyre doubting me.

Being a Super Bowl Champion is a feat that many quarterbacks fantasize about, but only few can accomplish. Most Super Bowl quarterbacks have a ring for a reason, and that reason is their immense talent. However Greedy Williams Jersey , Super Bowl quarterbacks can simply be average players in very favorable situations. Take Brad Johnson, for example. Johnson won a ring with Tampa Bay back in 2002, and while he did have a solid season, it was the Bucs' stellar defense that propelled them atop the league.Many NFL starters today have a very realistic shot at the glory of winning it all, especially with many of the league's recent Super Bowl quarterbacks in the twilight of their careers. Now, some starters are probably more likely to get struck by lightning than win a Super Bowl ring, but the beauty of competitive sports is that everyone has a chance (technically). Yes, even you Cleveland--you have a chance, too... sort of.This is NOT a simple ranking of these quarterbacks. Many factors determine the rank of each QB on this list. Younger quarterbacks are generally given an advantage, as they have much more time to prove themselves than quarterbacks in their 30s. Additionally, quarterbacks on better teams are given a boost due to the fact that it is more likely for their team to make a playoff run in the near future. So with that, I present to you the odds that each ringless starting quarterback has of winning a championship.
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