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It��s late autumn

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Zaloen: 24.7.2018
Pspvky: 28

PspvekZaslal: 13.03.2019 08:22    Pedmt: It��s late autumn Citovat

It��s late autumn, the leaves are yellow, the wind is tired, the flowers are dry, everything is clear and cold, but the grandmother still covers her blue shirt with white hair in the sunny weather, she The family moved in a chair and kept the yellow bean pods in his hands Marlboro Lights Cigarettes. His eyes looked at the ginkgo, a ginkgo tree with a yellow half-leaf in front of the door. He grew up for some years and listened to his mother, the tree and the grandmother. The age is almost the same, but after 60 years, the grandmother is illiterate, but after practicing a lot of courage, the parents have nothing to do with what is horrible at home. When the grandmother took the broom, he drove off the "heavy thing". So, when I was young, my grandmother was my idol. Sometimes, the acquaintance asked me: "What kind of person do you want to become when you grow up?" I am eating something vaguely saying: "Be like a grandmother. The same!�� The grandmother smiled Marlboro Cigarettes Website, and the crow's feet in the corner of her eyes were like a water lily Wholesale Cigarettes Online, which bloomed softly in the wind. Grandmother gently caressed my head: "Hey, that's not ok! I'm not a word, not a big man! You! Little devil!" I was in my grandmother's arms and smiled and browed my grandmother's eyes still lingering. In the sun, I actually saw my reflection, and my grandmother��s mother passed away. The grandmother��s thin figure became thinner and thinner. Like a piece of paper, the grandmother would look like this grandmother calmly watching the ginkgo. The sun gave the grandmother and the ginkgo a golden layer. This beautiful A picture that is daunting. But after all, the ginkgo tree could not be sawn off, and the autumn wind blew, and the yellow leaves on the ginkgo tree fell down from the grandmother straight up her slightly sloping back Cheap Cigarette Cartons, slowly pacing to the tree, stroking the trunk and sighing. Hey, come! Take a photo of my grandmother and the old tree. I picked up the phone and slammed it. The grandmother who fixed the photo in this moment smiled. I know that this is not a true smile tree. After all, it was sawn off, leaving only a tree stump that is short and small. The annual ring is a circle of grandmother or watering every day. I asked my grandmother, "Is this tree not being cut? How can I water it?" The grandmother paused, pouring the water from the kettle, stroking my head, and tears flashed through my eyes. Did not hold it tightly, only as an illusion in the morning, with the grandmother to water. It was unexpectedly discovered that there was a small bud next to the tree stump. I exclaimed that my grandmother looked at the small bud in silence and went back to the house to take the mobile phone. Also called me to take a picture of her grandmother is still a smile, but this time really smiles in the fall, is a season of death and vitality; and grandmother. In such a season Newports Cigarettes Price, her laughter is a kind of sing and sing.
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Zaloen: 13.4.2019
Pspvky: 30199

PspvekZaslal: 15.04.2019 07:30    Pedmt: Citovat

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Zaloen: 13.4.2019
Pspvky: 30199

PspvekZaslal: 28.05.2019 23:07    Pedmt: Citovat

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