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Luxury Replica Jacob & Co 2018 Epic X Chrono Luis Figo w

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Zaloen: 6.3.2019
Pspvky: 2

PspvekZaslal: 06.03.2019 03:36    Pedmt: Luxury Replica Jacob & Co 2018 Epic X Chrono Luis Figo w Citovat


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2018 Replica Jacob & Co. Epic X Chrono Luis Figo watch

Brand Jacob & Co
Item Type replica Jacob & Co Epic watches
Movement Self Winding
Case Titanium / Ceramic / Vulcanized rubber
Diameter 47 x 14 mm
Strap Rubber
clasp type Folding buckle
Dial color Green
Year 2018
Glass Sapphire
Gender men
Boxes common box
Functions Hours / Minutes / Seconds
Model Number Epic X Chrono Luis Figo

richard mille nadal Luxury wristwatch and jewelry brand Jacob & Co. partnered with legendary Portuguese soccer star Luis Figo to introduce three limited edition watches at this years Baselworld. The relationship between Luis Figo and the luxury brands founder Jacob Arabo dates back nearly twenty years. David Beckham, another famous Jacob & Co. customer, introduced the two when Figo was on a pre-season tour of the United States. It took Jacob Arabo and Figo less than two months to come up with limited edition watches after they met at the 2018 SIHH in January this year. Based on the watchmakers Epic X Chrono timepiece, the Luis Figo editions are mechanically identical to the standard watch. This made the personalization of the watches a relatively simple affair, with the 2000 Ballon dOr winner adding his personal touches to the existing design. We were able to create special elements for the special edition, like the special number 10 and the colors for the case and the straps, which have a personal significance for me, Jacob Arabo said.

Luxury timepiece and diamond jewelry house, Jacob & Co. has partnered with football legend, Luis Figo, of Sporting Lisbon, FC Barcelona, and Real Madrid fame, to introduce three new limited edition timepieces during the international watch and jewelry fair, Baselworld 2018. The Epic X Chrono Luis Figo Limited Edition watches, featuring Figos name engraved on the case back along with his applied signature, and his jersey number 10 in red on the dials rehaut, will be expansion upon the brands existing Epic X Chrono Collection. On display to the brands clients and the Baselworld fairs guests from March 22 to 27, 2018, the limited edition collection will offer only 110 pieces in total: 50 in rose gold, 30 in black DLC titanium, and 30 in titanium. urwerk replica

Jacob & Co. Founder Jacob Arabo states of the collaboration, As one of the most celebrated names in football, Luis Figo demonstrates the highest level of mastery in his sport. Its been a pleasure working with him to create a timepiece that speaks to sophistication, style and technical skill that is synonymous with his name. The collaboration between Jacob & Co. and Luis Figo is the result of friendship, mutual respect, and a shared passion for both watches and sport. The chronograph function of the Epic X Chrono collection epitomizes sport, dynamism, and mechanical precision, mirroring Figos celebrated qualities on the field.The top quality fake Jacob & Co. Five Time Zones watch has always perfectly presents the high level of watchmaking craftsmanship of the brand. Today I will introduce a delicate model for men, however, it will also fit the women excellently.

knockoff watch with stainless steel case features a brilliant silvery white mother-of-pearl dial which can display five time zones including Paris, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and local time. The black minute, hour hands and red seconds hand are strikingly in contrast to the fascinating mother-of-pearl dial which looks blue, green, white, red or gray due to the distinctive features of the rare material. Meanwhile, the hands in each sub-dials are designed in a unique shape and bright colors, adding a funny touch on the model.The diamonds paved on each bezels of the sub-dials enhance the charm of the model, matching the diamonds paved bezel perfectly, making the imitation watch with quartz movement much nobler and more charming. There are four pushers on the two sides to adjust the four time zones sub-dials. This model could also be fitted with a stainless steel bracelet and it is water resistant to a depth of 30 meters. Although the diameter is 40mm, it also attracts many women with its innovative design. breitling replica


hublot replica Jacob&Co. is good at creating luxurious style, casually speaking a kind of womans watch, that all can be said as a yearning for women. When mentioned Jacob&Co. Ladies watches, everyone would think of the using of the color, through years of continuous innovation and try, Jacob&Co. Ladies watches have become the indispensable important component of the watch fans. Today, Id like to introduce you several watches, with some connotation among gentle and graceful, a bit sexy among ornate, no matter which one all can attract women.Autumn can be wonderful: bright, crisp days with brilliant blue skies, leaves in colors that lift the spirit. At this time, a kind of wonderful watch must be the most unmissed item.

Meeting in autumn street, a beam of light from wrist always can make you become the focus in the crowd, and the meeting between the white mother-of-pearl and dazzling rainbow sapphires makes this dazzling more sparkling. This new replica Jacob&Co. Brilliant Rainbow watch blended the traditional and modern design and elegant charm of women, reinterprets the traditional jewelry creativity with the modern design concept of white strap fake Jacob&Co..Now, Jacob&Co. specially selected two versatile masterpieces for you to enjoy the latest fashion wind.Smooth lines and round model is the eternal classic in the fashion industry. Clean and agile design shows the elegant charm. This rose gold case replica Jacob&Co. Caligula watch perfectly presents the concise design concept, lean lines and classic color complement each other, bringing the personal charisma to the wrist.

The mother-of-pearl dial adds a feminine touch to the whole model. The distinctive material has been favored by lots of ladies by its gradient visual effect and pure temperament. When wearing the knockoff watch with white silk strap at party or banquet, of course the wearers will drawn much more attention from others with the special accessory and if wearing in workplace, it will also enhance the charm of confident and independent office lady.audemars piguet replica

In some articles about the watches, we often can see the figure of Jacob&Co watches, for these watches are just so characteristic, you have to admit that Jacob&Co. watches are so classical, especially for the astronomic watches, that should be described as one word beautiful.For this complicated dial fake Jacob&Co watch, I saw it at the first glance just feel amazing, for the complicated dial and fantastic design. For the Sidereal Display with an Oval Sky Indicator of the Celestial Panorama; Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon; Day / Night Indicator; Hours and Minutes Subdial and Orbital Second Hand; Jacob Cut Red MoonOrange Sapphire with 288 facets, these all can be said as wonderful.I think most people see this steel case fake Jacob & Co. Watch at the first glance would attract by its Jacob & Co.four time zone dials, which respectively represent the time of New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris. Also with other combination of polished steel case, black nickel dial, the alligator strap and 280.002 movement, all these details just show us a charming replica watch.

Women always have great passion on the diamonds. However, for contemporary women, the timepiece designed with only diamonds may not attract them for they also pursue the unique personality. I think this heart-shaped shiny Jacob & Co. fake watch will appeal to women for almost all the ladies love the romance. While this model has perfectly presented the luxury and romance.The diamonds paved bezel copy Jacob & Co. could display two time zones, making a good choice for global travelers or business women who often travel abroad. The two time zones could be indicated by two separate dials, making it easy and convenient to check the local time and hometown time.
For this eye-catching fake Jacob & Co. watch, that offers a very special take on the display of time, for without any pointers, making the whole timepiece more mysterious also with other dazzling diamonds decoration that makes the whole replica Jacob & Co. watch more charming. popular tag heuer replica watches


Today I will introduce another Jacob & Co. with great craftsmanship and aesthetics and of course, this model is also every expensive. I think everyone will be attracted at first sight of this dazzling copy watch which looks just like the rainbow. We have known that Jacob & Co. was a jewelry shop long time ago but it keeps developing itself and now it becomes the famous watch brand which always create the amazing artworks. This model could be regarded as the masterwork too.
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