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Womens Xavier Williams Jersey

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Chiefs beat 49ers: 9 winners and 5 losers The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers Womens Xavier Williams Jersey , 38-27, Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium to improve to 3-0 on the 2018 season.These are the winners and losers.WinnersThree and flow.Photo by David Eulitt/Getty ImagesFor the third week in a row, Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes is our first Sunday winner after, for the second week in a row, making NFL history. Just one week after breaking the two-game NFL touchdown record, Mahomes broke the three-game touchdown record. Mahomes now stands alone as the only quarterback with 13 touchdowns in the first three games of an NFL season. Mahomes finished the game 24 for 38 for 314 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. The above photo of Mahomes was taken by old friend David Euliit after the gamedefinitely looking a bit more Chia Pat than Showtime in that snap.Mahomes No. 1 recipient Sunday was tight end Travis Kelce, who recorded a team-high eight receptions on 10 targets for 114 yards. Kelce had 100-plus yards for the second game in a row. He has 14 100-plus-yard games in his career. Kelces productive game included this ridiculous, OBJ-like catch:Wide receiver Sammy Watkins had a strong game, and it included a play in which he caught the ball at the 9-yard line and had to dart up the field between several defenders to score his first touchdown of the season (watch here). Watkins finished the game with five catches for 55 yards a touchdown.Using the eye test, it appears that outside linebacker Justin Houston isnt the same player. He seems slower and lacks explosion. With that being said, Houston managed two sacks against Jimmy Garoppolo and two forced fumbles Sunday. He also had five tackles. For those statistics and those statistics alone, Houston is a winner. I am still curious about whether he feels 100 percent.I was impressed with Richard Sherman, who Womens Anthony Hitchens Jersey , prior to leaving the game with an injury, did a very nice job of staying with Tyreek Hill on an absolute bomb from Mahomes early in the game. Very few defensive backs in the league can keep up with Hill, let alone break up that pass. Unfortunately for Sherman and the 49ers, he was seen in a walking boot after the game.Speaking of Hill, he made another magnificent leaping catch on Sunday.Peter Schrager, a sideline reporter for the game and an Arrowhead Pride lobbyist, finally had his opportunity to meet the love of his life in Mahomes this weekend. Here is a picture of Schrager and Mahomes at the games romantic picnic production meeting: In each of the past two weeks, I added myself to the losers list when I picked against the Chiefs and was incorrect. Well everybody, I finally learned my lesson, and this week, I am a winner.LosersDenny Medley-USA TODAY SportsI know he had the fourth touchdown of his career, which I promise I appreciate, but TE Demetrius Harris cant get out of his own way when it comes to dropping the football. Harris drop came on a key third down after the half when the Chiefs had an opportunity to set the second-half tone and put the game out of reach. Instead, the ball went in and out of Harris hands. After the Harris drop Authentic Travis Kelce Jersey , the 49ers began to creep back into the game, cutting it as close as 35-24 late in the third quarter. This is where youd hope the entire Chiefs defense would step in, but once again, it provided a scare. The Chiefs offense looks like it could be historically good this season while their defense looks like it could be historically bad. The Chiefs were actually out-gained by the 49ers, 406-384 on Sunday. It appears that the offense will continue to put up big numbers each week, but one of these weeks, the defense is going to give up two many points and the Chiefs are going to find themselves on the wrong end of a shootout. I know Ron Parker knows the defense, but I question whether hed be a starter anywhere else in the league. Rumors regarding safety Earl Thomas are picking up steam. One move may not fix the problem, but it will be a good start.Denny Medley-USA TODAY SportsJust when you think Dee Ford is about to have the best year of his career, the injury bug strikes again. Ford recorded his second sack of the season but had to leave the game due to a groin injury. Ford once again told reporters this offseason he was as healthy as hes ever been, but here he is with another scheduled MRI on Monday. Ford may be talented, but unfortunately, he may also just be injury-prone.And speaking of injuries, Eric Berry will now be added to this list each week until he either plays or is placed on injured reserve. In case you forgot Authentic Chris Jones Jersey , here is what the Chiefs owe Berry (via Spotrac), until 2023. Berry carries a hefty price tag for his position of team inspirational speaker.Eric Berry wont practice Wednesday, plus other injury updates As promised, Kansas City Chiefs head athletic trainer (VP of sports medicine and performance) Rick Burkholder provided an injury update regarding starting safety Eric Berrys sore heel on Wednesday morning.The news was not optimal.I know there has been a lot of questions about Eric Berry, Burkholder said. I know coach (Andy Reid) has said that its day to day. It is literally day to day. He wont practice [Wednesday], but hes spent a lot of time with us. Hes improving, hes getting better every day and so well continue with that process.Berry has not practiced since August 11.The other major player of note was S Daniel Sorensen, who injured his knee in the preseason and is thus expected to miss regular-season time. Sorensen is currently on the Chiefs injured reserve list. It was four weeks ago [Wednesday] that he had the surgery, Burkholder said of Sorensen. Hes been with us constantly doing pool work. Every day, hes in. Hes going to meetings, all that. We wont know anything for two more weeks before we study that, but hes where hes supposed to be right now. Hes working hard, so in a couple weeks, well give you an update on that.Finally Womens Sammy Watkins Jersey , Burkholder updated the media on wide receiver Byron Pringle (hamstring).[Pringle] pulled his left hamstring, Burkholder said. When we did an MRI, we found that he had a left inguinal hernia, and that hernia needed immediate attention, so he had surgery [Tuesday] at the Kansas University Medical Center by Dr. John Alley, and so hes got an extended recovery ahead of him for the hernia, and in the meantime the hamstring will also get attention, but the hamstring will clear up quicker than the hernia will, so hes going to miss some time.
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