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Založen: 29.11.2018
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PříspěvekZaslal: 05.12.2019 03:35    Předmět: Joel-Iyiegbuniwe-Jersey Citovat

Vegas seems to be pretty high on the Bears heading into the 2019 season." The Bears DenNotesXs and OsSuperfansBears given sixth-best Super Bowl oddsNew Josh Bellamy Jersey ,21commentsVegas seems to be pretty high on the Bears heading into the 2019 season.CDTThe Bears far exceeded expectations in 2018.Even with the addition of Khalil Mack, many outside of Chicago didn’t believe in the team as a viable playoff threat, let alone a division winner. However, they defied the odds and won their first NFC North crown since 2010. While their season came to a premature end in the wild card round of the playoffs, they showed enough promise to be considered legitimate contenders this year.The Bears are nearly in the middle of the pack of the top 10 Super Bowl contenders with odds at +1300. They’re sitting on par with the Browns and are above teams like the Eagles, Colts, and Chargers. They are also the favorites to win the NFC North, as demonstrated by this chart on Sports Betting Dime’s website. Sports Betting DimeEver since their initial odds came out in January 16, Chicago has been the favorite to win the division, and while their individual odds have increased slightly since , they still remain atop the division. Close behind them are the Packers and Vikings, who have been alternating at second place throughout the offseason. Green Bay’s odds to win the Super Bowl currently rank fifth in the NFC and tenth in the league. Minnesota’s odds have gotten slightly worse throughout the offseason, but they are still very close to second place. In last place come the Lions, who have a large gap between them and the rest of the division.The sixth-place spot is fair for the Bears, as they only trail the Rams and Saints in terms of fellow NFC teams. However, the Browns are the only team in the top five who didn’t play in the championship game of their conference, let alone actually make the playoffs. While the additions of Odell Beckham Jr., Greedy Williams and Olivier Vernon add intrigue to an up-and-coming roster, it feels a bit premature to give them such good odds already.What do you think about these odds? Sound off in the comments below. For the first time in all too long, the Bears are playing meaningful games in December Sherrick McManis Color Rush Jersey , and the offseason is more a subject of speculation than a pressing concern. However, with the Bears enjoying a mini bye after an 11-day gauntlet, the contributors at Windy City Gridiron took the chance to discuss what we thought this team might need moving forward. On Wednesday, we also asked fans to weigh in on what they saw as the needs the Bears would have heading into the offseason. We received enough feedback to have two parts--the low priorities and the high priorities Based on our opinions and the feedback of the community, here are the lesser of the Bears’ likely top needs next offseason.#4: Edge RusherAs this is being written,13% of those voting in the poll identified EDGE as a top need. Andrew Link, our regular pass-rush analyst extraordinaire, had this to say about the position:Meanwhile, WhiskeyRanger thought the position was enough of a need to list it as his third-highest priority in the contributor discussion:It will be interesting to see how much of a need EDGE becomes and whether or not the Bears choose to exercise the extra year option that they have on Leonard Floyd. When thinking of Floyd as a total outside linebacker, someone who can take away weapons from the other side and also apply pressure (even if he doesn’t always get home) Charles Leno Jersey , it seems like a no-brainer to lock him up for another year. However, Pace might have other plans in mind.#3: Running Back19% of those voting in the poll considered running back a top priority, putting it in third place overall. The contributors also consider this to be an area of concern, and they largely agreed with the community. The Man In Charge, Lester Wiltfong himself, called this “the Jordan Howard conundrum,” and ranked it as his third-highest priority.For what it’s worth, when Jay Ajayi—a one-time Pro Bowler with more than a year left on his contract—was traded mid-season, he netted a fourth-round pick. Ajayi might be the most optimistic comparison for what Howard might bring on the trade market. Most running backs don’t even command that much draft capital, unless they are former first-rounders being traded to the Colts. Meanwhile , Andrew Link considered running back to be the third-highest priority as well. Here is what he had to say:Additionally. WhiskeyRanger gave the position an honorable mention: However, one contributor thinks that the position carries an ever higher priority. Erik Duerrwaechter had this to say about what he considered to be the most important off-season need:For my part, I feel like besides retaining whatever talent they have, the Bears should attack the position with what I have come to consider the “Pace Area of Emphasis.” This is where Pace spends money on a handful of medium-tier free agents, spends a draft pick on the position, and then also shuffles through undrafted free agency in order to create a lot of competition at the position and to hope real talent rises to the top.Those are the less-than-urgent priorities as the community and as the contributors see them. Next up, we will look at the top priorities and at what options might be out there to address them.
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