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March 1984 is the early s

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Zaloen: 24.7.2018
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PspvekZaslal: 23.04.2019 02:44    Pedmt: March 1984 is the early s Citovat

March 1984 is the early spring of Heilongjiang's cold weather. I am looking forward to the second semester. The reason why I use a hope word here is not only the desire for learning, but also the self in the learning, but also the fact that the person does not have to put the tail together, this kind of pleasure is also in the officialdom. Writing class. In the early years, when the book was read with itchy hands Cigarettes Online Usa Only, it was also handwritten, but I couldn��t help myself to make a living. Especially after being a corporate leader, the mundane mundane affairs made me squat and a glimpse of years Lights Cigarette. This writing class is exactly the time when I renew my wish. The tutor is a full-time student, Feng Yansheng, who is also a very dedicated person Cheap Cigarettes Newports. For those of us adult students, he focused on developing hands-on skills. Therefore, the homework was left in the first lesson. When I was writing, my essay "Strong" was asked by Feng to read the praise and power, but who is the strong? Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, the people of the dynasty are afraid of a strange understanding, the so-called benevolent see, the wise see the wise There are also many people who have come to the history of the ancients, how many people have sang a song of praise to the strong. Jia Yi, the hero of the Western Han Dynasty, wrote in the "The Qin Dynasty" that he wrote a paragraph for the Qin Dynasty that was left behind, but was in front of him; 'And the First Emperor, Fen Six Yu Lie, Zhen Chang whip and Yu Yu, swallowed two weeks and died in the princes, the sacred and the system of Liuhe, the slap in the world, the tremors of the world. ��It��s true that he made the land of Kyushu realize the great unity of history and left the martial arts martial arts that still have a mixed reputation Cigarettes Online Cheap Free Shipping. However, the Wanshi Foundation, which was left by the First Emperor, only existed for fourteen Spring and Autumn Periods. From this point of view, such a strong person is not something I would like to praise. The Napoleon emperor who conquered Europe and the Duke of Wellington who defeated him are not considered strong Cheap Marlboro 100S Cigarettes. No, it seems that Waterloo��s victory and defeat between the two sides seems to All can be called the strong. However, the blood of countless soldiers can not be dyed by the Duke of Red Daddy, so that the emperor can be defeated so fiercely! Then, who is the strong, who made all the great achievements of ancient and modern China and foreign countries? It is the people, they are eternal Those who are defeated, I want to praise them! Is it not the people of different colors and different races that drive the wheel of history? We can imagine that the peasant uprising at the end of the Qin Dynasty was unveiled as a flag, the coffin was a soldier, the Quartet responded, and the hustle and bustle of the eight sides. Who made this five continents turbulent, and the seas are tumbling? Isn't it the so-called dagger-the people? In front of the weak people with incomparable strength, whoever conforms to them, can make great achievements, otherwise they will be defeated and ruined. Stinky! Especially the peasants, for thousands of years, have been carrying out autumn harvests on the land with unparalleled tenacity, to support the continuation of human civilization. Write this Marlboro Red Shorts Carton, let us turn from the historical review, look at the farmers of today's world! See where they are strong, see if they should praise! I said; even in that chicken to the oil and salt In the years, they are still strong? But this kind of strength is manifested by its patience, its silence, and its incomparable tenacity. It was the winter of 1978. I was working as the deputy captain of the two-team team in Yushu Village Wholesale Ciggarettes, Yishan Township, Tonghe County. This is a clear economic movement in the countryside in the early days of reform and opening up. Once, I went to a natural cockroach that was two miles away from the main squad - the small six team went to visit, it was in the harsh winter, the snow was closed, and the weather was extremely cold. This little cockroach is like a stiff snake in the lead color of the sky, everything is lost because of the cold. As I approached, there was a burst of screaming from the suppression of silence. This voice was so cold and full of life. The accompanying brigade cadre said that this is the mill of the small six team. Today, the use of electricity has become extremely common, and there is still manpower to push the stone mill that should have become a cultural relic. The four walls of the house were barred, and a fellow villager was milling rice with his woman. The mill was a corn commonly known as the Malaysian tooth. At this time, although the chill is pressing, but it does not care, but it is very cherished to flip the little gold-like rice, the face is a party Cigarette Wholesale Price. This situation allows me to think of Bai Juyi's "Viewing the Buckwheat" through the dust of history. I thought of the poet "I am a meritorious person to this day. I have never been a farmer. I am so private, I can't forget it all day." . I can't help but have a kind of empty food and sorrow! This is the peasant. Their tenacious and optimistic attitude shows that this is the people. The reform of the rural economic model has turned the power contained in them into smashed shackles. Action, does China��s rise not begin in the countryside! This is the strong person I want to praise!�� This article was thus turned into part of his counseling by Feng��s analysis of Fan Wen. Later, many students�� The article has also been read as a model of the essay. This way has continued until the end of the writing class.
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Zaloen: 13.4.2019
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