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another arrest is bound to hurt Hagemsn s chances

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Zaloen: 17.7.2018
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PspvekZaslal: 17.07.2018 02:23    Pedmt: another arrest is bound to hurt Hagemsn s chances Citovat

After three years of service for the Atlanta Falcons, a domestic violence arrest spelled the end of defensive tackle Ra Shede Hageman s time with the team. Now, yet another arrest is bound to hurt Hagemsn s chances of signing with a team again.

According to a report by ESPN contributed to by Vaughn McClure, Hageman was arrested early Saturday a fourth degree misdemeanor charge of driving while impaired. Hageman was released without posting bail shortly after his arrest, and a court hearing has been set for June 21st in Minnesota s Hennepin County.

Hageman was drafted high in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the Falcons, and played for the team for three years, culminating in an appearance in Super Bowl LI. During his time in Atlanta, Hageman played in 44 games with 16 starts, registering 61 tackles and four sacks. However, Hageman was cut by the Falcons in September of 2017 after being placed on the Commissioner s Exempt List after he was arrested on domestic violence charges stemming from an incident in March of 2016. The National Football League suspended Hageman for six games, which he served during the season despite going unsigned and spending a year out of football.

In early May, it appeared that the New England Patriots could be a candidate to take a flier on Hageman, as the team brought him in for a workout. Hageman has yet to sign with either the Patriots or another NFL team.

Unfortunately for Hageman, his demise proved him to be one of the Falcons biggest wasted draft picks in recent memory, alongside safety Jalen Collins. Collins, who was chosen in the second round of the draft a year after Hageman, has been suspended four times in his NFL career for continuously violating the league s policies on performance enhancing drugs. Collins was cut by the Falcons towards the end of the 2017 season.

Hageman, a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, was a highly touted defensive tackle prospect entering the 2014 Draft. During his collegiate years at the University of Minnesota, Hageman earned First Team All Big Ten and Third Team All American honors for the 2013 season. Hageman s fall from grace serves as a blemish on an otherwise fruitful 2014 Draft Class for the Falcons, which included first round pick OT Jake Matthews, running back Devonta Freeman, a fourth round pick, and fifth round cornerback Ricardo Allen. All served on the Falcons Super Bowl LI team Deion Jones Jersey, and continue to play for the Falcons today.
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Zaloen: 13.4.2019
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