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I now understand this section it for people like me who had prepared themselves to blow a load and didn want to walk around with blue balls.. Not the ones that pick and choose which laws to follow or enforce. Just a weird situation, but based on Jeff twitter reaction, it wasn too serious.

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1 point submitted 1 day agoI mean sure dude lets the plebs have their cake idc. And that's separate from that institution then placing its imprimatur on the president by conferring a degree, which is what which is the case here. It was great friendship.

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No charges were filed in either case, though. That's ironic. More like this is how we take money from the rest of BC and invest it in Vancouver. In this neighborhood roommate living is still around $700 800 for a room with shared bathroom. This is because the majority of people on each node use hardly any data at all at any given time.

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