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Anthem has a very complex backstory

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Zaloen: 13.8.2018
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PspvekZaslal: 15.03.2019 06:44    Pedmt: Anthem has a very complex backstory Citovat

Anthem has a very complex backstory, which is alluded to at the start of the game via some horrendously dull exposition. The gist of it is that youre on a planet that was created by gods that gave up halfway through, which has left it unstable and constantly spewing out random effects like flipping gravity, spawning monsters, and creating energy storms that threaten to destroy the planet. Its both very confusing and very uninteresting, which is not what youd expect from Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare.

The game launched earlier today on PC for Origin Premier subscribers and on Xbox One as part of a 10-hour trial through EA Access, with a full-launch for non-subscribers and PS4 players on February 22. Unlike the two demo sessions earlier this month and last, I havent gotten disconnected from the servers or experienced any bugs on the scale of the never-ending loading screen. Load times are still a nuisance and I wish developer BioWare had done something to make them less noticeable and boring than a bar slowly filling up above a still image, but at least theyre not broken. There have been occasional graphical glitches, but nothing that lasted for more than a second or in any way interrupted what I was doing. So far, Anthem works.

There's a lot of jargon thrown around throughout the opening minutes with little explanation--it kind of feels like you're listening to a conversation about people you don't know, so none of it carries much weight. There's also a long cutscene that consists of an NPC narrating background details for you, so it's also not clear how much your character is supposed to know and about what. I did gather that there's an ancient mystery at the heart of everything, but I'm not yet sure what exactly is intriguing about it. The story so far feels like a justification for why I need to level up and find new loot, rather than the groundwork for a vibrant sci-fi world that's enticing to explore. By the way, you can buy cheap Anthem Boosting from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code MMOCSVIP .

The overarching story of the game however is stopping the Dominion, an authoritarian faction, and their leader, The Monitor, from getting access and the power to control the Anthem. As with any video game villain, The Monitors goal with the power of the Anthem is to bring order to the world. Of course, we dont trust the Monitor, not only because hes doing despicable things to achieve his goal, but also because messing with the Anthem could possibly destroy the planet.

The achievements will be a bit of a grind, though it's not as bad as it looks at first glance. There's the standard assortment of story quests for about 300 Gamerscore, plus some points for finishing up the side questlines available at launch. Beyond that, the bulk of the points will come from collectible searching and completing challenges. Those challenges appear daunting until you realize you only need the first tier of each challenge, which makes them trivially easy if still a grind. You'll have good progression naturally, especially if you're trying to work on them as you level up, so the completion shouldn't be truly difficult. It'll take a good deal of time, though.
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PspvekZaslal: 15.04.2019 07:43    Pedmt: Citovat

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