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Unlocking players in FIFA Mobile requires POTM points

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Zaloen: 13.8.2018
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PspvekZaslal: 14.01.2019 07:09    Pedmt: Unlocking players in FIFA Mobile requires POTM points Citovat

Launching earlier this month, FIFA Mobile has a very heavy focus on trading and obtaining new players to improve your team. This doesn't come cheaply though, as players on the marketplace can range anywhere from 100 coins to over 5,000,000 coins. These prices are only a guide though, as the marketplace allows you to place bids on players that have been put on offer. If bidding is not your forte, a buy it now option is a available at a higher cost.

FIFA Mobile, much like Ultimate Team in the console version of FIFA 18, is all about getting the best set of players. Some of the best players in the game are the Player of the Month cards that are released for certain players who perform well over the course of a month. Unlocking those players in FIFA Mobile requires POTM points.

Defensive tactics are designed to help your team defend better. But thats not enough for you, you need to have a collection of the good defensive players. Go to the Market and look for the defenders with high OVR rating. If you have a good budget, go for defenders with over 80 OVR rating. Consider that the players attributes such as Strength, Positioning, Tackling, Heading and Marking are important for your defense. Come to now, you can buy FIFA Mobile Coins with fast delivery and 100% safety.

Furthermore, attain victory in VS Attack soccer matches to obtain fans and promote to greater divisions. Losing lots of football matches will eventually demote the gamer to a low division. Every week you will earn a gift based on the status of the in-game division. Reach the FIFA champion for dictatorial player cards and rewards.

FIFA Mobiles live events and attack mode can be called blitz soccer. Live events are bite-sized challenges that offer several unique scenarios, such as scoring goals, dribbling, hitting targets etc. Attack mode is a turn-based football game where you and your opponent take turns and try to score a goal within the set time limit. The game also has unique Plans that lets you trade players and tokens earned from live events for better rewards.

FIFA Mobile has several different ways to play soccer, each of which draws from a common pool of Stamina. That means making some decisions about what to tackle in any given session, which is why its helpful to know what each mode is about.
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