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Perhaps it is the reason

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Založen: 24.7.2018
Příspěvky: 38

PříspěvekZaslal: 09.06.2019 03:24    Předmět: Perhaps it is the reason Citovat

Perhaps it is the reason of the old age; in the recent days, I was always afraid of loneliness, I always loved to crowd into the crowd, or parked the car on the side of the road for a while. Xu, it is the old-fashioned emotions; those who have been deleted in memory, people always have to take care of them. Perhaps, the younger the heart, the smaller! Ding Xiaoxiao always attracts thousands of thoughts, and endless insomnia; the subtlety of that moment is a kind of suffering, perhaps the older the more love the family! In the past two years, I would rather stay at home than to travel, and the luxurious villas are not as warm as their own. After Zhuang Zhou Mengdie wakes up, there is such a doubt: In the end, is the butterfly dreaming of me or am I dreaming of a butterfly? It is so relative, but unfortunately we can't answer this question with our current scientific level. We all dreamed, but a few people doubted the truth and illusion of dreams. I have had several experiences of dreaming the same, the same scene, the same plot, waking up in the same place at the same time, this Is it coincidence, or is there a certain truth? I have also felt that my dreams are so clear after I woke up in my dreams, just like my own experience of the night before, I can��t help but wonder if I was sleeping or my dreams Cigarettes For Sale. The things in the middle, or why it is so unforgettable, let me not know the true and false feelings are really tired, the limit is eager to answer, but there is no way to verify. Only the feeling of the meditation provides some evidence, but there is no substantial help. This kind of problem makes me think hard for a few years but I can't understand it. Suddenly a small thing happened this morning, let me slap the top, and I will open it. This kind of thing can be encountered as an epiphany, because his probability is too small. A few years ago, a scientist published an article to prove the existence of the human soul, and after death, the soul will leave our body. . This is one of them. The second is: Hawking's theory. Our world exists in parallel time and space. It can reach the parallel world through time and space tunnels. The existence of space-time tunnels is very difficult to explore its trajectory but also in the time and space around us. Maybe it's a grain of dust, maybe an air molecule. We can always pass through time and space tunnels, but its probability is very low Marlboro Cigarettes, lower than your chance of a 50 million grand prize, but it does exist. It is because of the existence of these two theories that I dare to boldly put forward my theory: we dream because our souls and even the body have gone to other parallel time and space Marlboro Red. The scene in our dreams is what our souls and even the body see and do. Because it is our soul and even the body's seeing and doing, of course, deeply engraved in our memory, let us not distinguish between his true and false parallel space-time and space-time tunnel existence theory for our dream crossing The platform has given me a basis for the establishment of the theory. But why do we cross when we sleep? My explanation is: When we are safe and sleepy and there is no external pressure and disturbance, our body is resting, detoxification, is in the most relaxed state, and our soul is also in the body, and there is no consciousness to manipulate, but Relaxed and free. (Maybe we will be woken up or awakened because our soul is in a state of dissociation Marlboro Lights, it protects our body from damage, and once we reach its limit, we wake up and wake up, and we wake up. It is precisely because it is in a free state that the sense of time and space is also in the most sensitive state, which can sense what we usually can't sense. Therefore, we have the possibility to cross the space-time tunnel to another parallel time and space. After being stimulated, the soul naturally returns to the body, or else we die. Although the soul can sense the passage of time and space and pass through it, its probability is so small that we rarely have a dream and a real time. It is even more difficult for two times to enter the same parallel time and space to cross the space-time tunnel, but it is not that we will cross the space-time tunnel every time we dream. To cross, you must be asleep, and there is no pressure or worry when you wake up, so that our body can not be completely relaxed and the soul is in a free state. Ordinary dreams, maybe we have some thoughts during the day and dreams at night. Not in the ranks I said. So our real chance to cross the space-time tunnel is very small. It is also difficult for us to enter another parallel time and space through dreams. Because now we are completely in the same kind of opportunity to let the soul free but not scattered, even if there is such a chance, the soul is not likely to cross. What's more, we have to capture the time and space tunnels that the soul has discovered. It is even more difficult. The end of scientific progress is the realm we can't imagine, so in the end we can not capture the dreams of time and space tunnels. I don't know Zhuang Zhou Mengdie. In the end, it is the butterfly dreaming of Zhuang Zhou or Zhuang Zhou dreaming of butterflies. I don't know. Our dreams, is it another parallel time and space that attracted me, or did I attract another parallel time and space? To my soul Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I don��t know.
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