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When we turn on the TV,

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Založen: 24.7.2018
Příspěvky: 4

PříspěvekZaslal: 07.08.2018 02:34    Předmět: When we turn on the TV, Citovat

When we turn on the TV, we see the wolf on a certain channel. We all think that the wolf is fierce, but we don��t know many life habits of the wolf Carton Of Marlboro Reds. The wolves will let us experience the spirit of unity and cooperation. The text "Wolf Group" gave me new enlightenmeeneral, the wolves are very united. In the pursuit of prey, the surrounding of the wolves, the pursuit of chasing, the interception of the interception, the interception of the interception, the division of labor is clear, and the tacit understanding. The head wolf bears a major, it is obvious that the wolves are very united Carton Of Newports. When they capture the prey, they know what they are going to do, the encirclement of the encirclement, the chasing of the chase, the interception of the interception, the interception of the interception, the division of laborclassmates also want to learn from the wolves. When the teacher organizes extracurricular activities, then we learn from the wolves. Start ��capture the prey�� and dry not perfect. In fact, some humans are not as good as animals, and there are no animals.In the past fewwas born in a military family, admiring heroes, energetic, whimsy, and excellent in both learning and learning. There is a wish in his heart: when it is the flag-bearer of the school. Although the wish could not be realized for various reasons, he did not give up. He candidly help the "learning top" Lin Biao, and Bao Hao, Ma Wei and other students to steal the monkey thief, eager to treat the "chasing star family" Zhu Xiaona, help the hope of elementary school students and thus lead to "hand in hand" activities. Finally Cigarettes Online, when he graduated from elementary school, he personally raised the bright five-star red flag. This book made me understand that don't give up, persistence is victory. I also read the whole book's plot twists and turns Cigarettes For Sale, and the idea is close to life. When the reader reads this book, he feels that he has been drawn into the lively characters, using an idiom to describe it as "immersive."Since I was young, I loved dreaming. In my dreams, my innocent blue, the water is rmy dream is that my father is healthier, my mother is more beautiful, I am stronger, and our family is happy and auspicious. When I went to school, the teacher taught me that dreams should be higher and farther. There must be only a small family Wholesale Cigarettes, and there must be a country. The dream of the country is even greater. Therefore, China's dream has become our dream, my dream is the Chinese dream! Xiaomeng is connected with a big dream. When a small dream is added up, it forms the dream of the country!
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