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Shooting medium to low light with the Nikon D7000, tips?

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Autor Zpráva

Založen: 8.5.2018
Příspěvky: 18

PříspěvekZaslal: 09.05.2018 09:27    Předmět: Shooting medium to low light with the Nikon D7000, tips? Citovat


Typically I shoot indoors and even on sunny days the light indoors is pretty minimal. I find that the camera always pops the flash in auto, even on the brightest days. One thing I hoped for with the D7000 was to shoot a lot more content flashless with such high ISO settings. I only have the stock 18-105 (f3.5-5.6) and a 55-200 (f4.5-5.6) VR lenses. I realize the fstop isn't large enough aperture to let enough light in on those low quality lenses to really expect much. Should I expect to have to buy a 40mm f2(ish) prime to take some quality indoor pics? My subject is a fast moving baby. I typically set the camera to shutter speed mode at 50-80 speed, crank ISO to 6400, shoot raw full size (18mp) and expect to have to reduce the picture to clean up noise. The pictures aren't terrible but I hope to bring the ISO down so I can get better shots with lower ISO. Is it all in the lens? Typically I shoot hand held (bracing elbows, very gentle button push) but there's plenty of times in the auto-non-flash mode that the camera still won't take a picture as it senses not enough light. Don't even get me started on night pictures flashless. I tried shooting handheld braced on a fence at night shooting halloween lights on a house and couldn't get a single usable picture, even in H1 and H2 ISO (12.8k 25.6k). I also tried shooting a glowing pumpkin exhibition handheld in shutter mode on 50 shutter speed (auto everything else) and 90% of the pictures were blurry garbage. I bought a tripod and a remote button since, but I'm looking for some good handheld tips. Or for someone to just say buy a better lens for darker scenes.

Please help.

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